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Freakloset invited portuguese ilustrator and artist Wasted Rita to create the brand's first collaboration, tying its identity with Wasted Rita's style.
With a thoughtful creation process, mediating reality through its familiar way of sketching and mordant way of styling the daily, Wasted Rita's work has been featured across the world. The derby, an iconic model in the history of footwear, was the artist's choice for the canvas.


This collaboration results in a limited edition of 50 made-to-order pairs, all numbered and accompanied by an authenticity certificate. 100% of this partnership profits revert to União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta (UMAR, Women’s Union of Alternative and Answer), a Portuguese NGO committed to the awakening of society regarding women rights.

AVAILABLE 07.11.18


AVAILABLE 07.11.18

  • - serigraphy printed leather & neoprene
  • - exclusive wasted rita illustrations
  • - unique rubber sole
  • - illustrated shoebox
  • - waxed cotton laces


The honest remarks and reflections of Wasted Rita upon the mundane, raised to a poetic state, giving room for the materialization of a “Wasted Shoe”. The derby is available with a black sole or a conceptualized flame effect sole, exclusively developed for this collaboration.