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The Brand

Who We Are

Freakloset is a footwear brand that was born from a necessity, a pursuit for self-expression and self-worth. We believe that style is much more than fashion, and that to create a lasting and impactful product, you have to steer away from the conventional.

This disruptive notion led us to a leap forward in footwear customization and a re-imagined definition of identity, with an original interpretation and redesign of some of the most representative and classic shoe models.

First impressions last a lifetime, and the name “Freakloset”, using an expressive and distinct wordplay, adequately and immediately relays a feeling of something unexpected, remarkable and provocative.

What We Do

We want to empower you to set your own rules. To walk at your own pace, with our authentic and progressive take on some of the most essential shoe models in history.

While every single one has its own personality, we encourage you to go further, to tweak them to your pleasure through our inventive Customization Software. You’ll have the possibility of adjusting a number of different attributes, from the colour of the sole to the shoe strings.

Our commitment to detail is inherently tied with this intention. We provide the utmost standard in quality and style, with a minimalist and calculated approach, relying on your virtues and creativity to add something remarkable to an unforgettable, and timeless, silhouette.

Why Our Shoes

Our strongest suit is without a doubt our devotion to quality and detail. Being from one of the world’s foremost nations in shoe artistry, we had a lot to live up to.

We’ve ensured every inch of our shoes is complemented with absolutely the best materials and techniques available. Our whole team worked diligently for more than a year, refining the initial ideas and concepts into the polished and in-depth products we now manufacture.

To materialize our vision, we obviously had to partner with only the best. We were able to find a facility in the heart of the Portuguese industrial area with over 70 years of expertise shoemaking, and tremendously talented people at its helm.

With our joint efforts, we made sure everything had our staple of excellence, guaranteeing production methods are the most advanced, thorough and extensive, while raising the standard with never before seen additions, such as fully cushioned tongues for decisive comfort, or the unlikely inclusion of neoprene on the heel counter. All of this enhanced by the most beautiful, luxurious and refined fabrics and leathers on the market.

This has allowed for the creation of a collection that is as classy and elegant as it is young and bold.

We want your every step to be special. To give you a sense of ease and tranquility, confident you’re wearing the right shoes, regardless of the destination.

Our brand’s name means everything to us, and we have made sure that everything conveys the elegance, durability and comfort; the statement that is Freakloset.

Why our shoes? The question is... Why any other?

The Manifesto

Look down. What’s missing?
You’ve become the norm.
You’re told how to walk.
What to walk in.

Grey, navy, brown, everything black;
Stay in fashion, be trendy.
Mere suggestions,
Don’t be a freak, play by the book. Follow.
What if you could lead?

Picture the possibilities.
Enduring quality; fit for a king.
Everlasting comfort; your safe haven.
Graceful beauty; an artist is only as good as its brush.
Thoughtful design; simplicity matters, the rest is up to you.
Endless, limitless, timeless.

Become who you’re meant to be.
Embrace it. Use it.
Become you.

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