Meet your new great shoes! Our new collection is finally live on the website and it consists of feed-worthy models you’ll wear again and again.

Autumn is on its way and we’ve got lots of fresh stuff you’re going to love. So, why wait? Invest early and get the most out of your new season staples.

Here’s a roundup of our favourites for men and women:



1. Velcro Sneaker Pat

2. Triple Velcro Sneaker Neena


3. Vegan Sneaker Cecilia 

4. Minimal Sneaker Tilly

5. Derby Karol

6. Ankle Boot Aurora



1. Monk Swae

2. Classic Sneaker Lennert

3. Triple Velcro Sneaker Tyron

4. Vegan Sneaker Lorenzo

5. Derby Ben


6. Ankle Boot Bevan



Always making sure your steps are even more special, 

The Freakloset Team