Lately, it seems that graphic tees are more popular than ever. While we still see band T-shirts and logos, there are so many more options. The types of t-shirt graphics we see trending on the runway are much more varied: feminist messages, silly slogans, images created by contemporary artists, etc. They are designed to make a statement that gives a hint about your mood, beliefs and interests. Being a blank canvas for the expression of a variety of sub-cultures and generations, it’s no surprise the graphic tee has stood the test of time. Besides, this off-duty essential adds an edgy vibe to any ensemble, feeling casual yet on-trend.

While the graphic tee used to have very casual, almost childish connotations, the graphic tee of today is much more upscale- it can be worn for a night out or to work, paired with a blazer. It is definitely in the middle of a fashion renaissance, and there is a style for just about everyone.


The graphic t-shirt has not been around for very long, but it has made a significant and lasting impression on the fashion world. When the t-shirt first came about, it was considered to be an undergarment, and as a result, there was not much need to print any kind of interesting design onto it. This changed of course, once manufacturers began to catch on to the power of printed graphics. 


There are plenty of ways to play with prints that’ll add a touch of flavour to your outfits. Printed tees don’t have to be loud or overpowering – the simplicity of some can add another dimension to getups, softening smarter looks or bringing an added statement to simpler outfits.


Shop some examples of our T-shirt collection down below:


1. Shapes T-shirt 


Cool pops of color in your graphic tee can really elevate your ensemble, too. A bright red mixed in with a more laid-back color like white as seen on our Shapes T-shirt, really take your outfit to new heights. Playing with graphics not only grabs the attention of others, but also pushes you to play with the textures and hues in your wardrobe.


2. Reinassance T-shirt  


For every on-the-nose, literal take on a trend, an ironic satire won’t be too far behind. Our Renaissance T-shirt may turn you into a walking meme but we assure you it looks better than it sounds.


3. Motto T-shirt 


With a back print like the one on our Motto T-shirt, you’re giving yourself a bigger and better canvas to display your choice of art. "Business in the front" and "party in the back" is Freakloset's formula and it never fails us. 


4. Scratch T-shirt 



Our Scratch T-shirt is a simple way of adding identity to a look and has a metamorphic capability that will continue to transcend seasons and eras.


Styling tips:

One of our favorite summertime styling ideas is to tuck a graphic T-shirt into a laid-back pair of neutral trousers. It also makes a polished pantsuit - especially one with a classic, allover plaid - feel less stuffy. Another great styling tip is rolling up the sleeves - this will give your look a much sleeker feel.


Always making sure your steps are even more special,

The Freakloset Team