Before prepping the holidays luggage do not miss this essential accessory for your look: your freaks!

When taking a much-deserved vacation, you should look the part too. Down below, Freakloset editor’s picks featuring vacay must haves - we have your packing list covered.


1. Classic Sneaker Pete

Nothing comes close to the versatility of a classic lace-up sneaker and nothing beats its comfort either (they’re lightweight and prevent terrible unwanted blisters). If you’re going to walk many kilometres on your vacation, the sneaker will undoubtedly be your best ally. A pair of cotton socks and your Freaks will make sure your feet are not crying for help as soon as you step out of the accommodation.


2. Slipper Leah and Slipper Cara

Sometimes you need more than just flip flops - from sunset parties and lounging by the pool to weekends wandering through the city, stay casual yet chic with our velcro slipper Cara. Functional and stylish! Besides (extra tip), the slipper Leah (with a velcro fastening on the counter) is perfect to wear to the airport because you can wear it with cool printed socks and then easily take them off on the plane when you feel like relaxing your feet or watch a movie on a long-haul flight. Next level airport attire, we’ll tell you that!


3. Chelsea Boot Valdis

If you’re going to travel to northern Europe or any place where the weather is chillier, a pair of Chelsea boots are the ideal choice because they’re easy to put on, comfortable and suitable for any outfit.


Think of your freaks as your alter ego, constant companion - one is never enough - update your collection so you can swap to fit your mood and style anytime, anywhere.


Always making sure your steps are even more special, 

The Freakloset Team