What defines the ultimate summer sneaker? Is it something lightweight and sweat-free? Or would you prefer a shoe that works as well on the fishing boat as it does under the dinner table? For some, best summer shoes actually refers to loafers or sandals. But even for all the penny-loafer diehards and flip-flop wearing beach bums out there, there’s a lace-up plimsoll that they’ll be glad they picked up on the way out of town.


Even in peak pedicure season, sometimes our feet just need a vacation from sandals sans arch support. Comfortable, spongy sneakers are the answer—but it's not ideal to throw on just any pair of old running shoes. Whether they have a cool cutout design or a splash of neon, your new kicks should feel comfortable and also look amazing. And there’s no brand better than Freakloset to offer you precisely that.


Below, a look at our comfiest, coolest, most breathable summer sneakers to wear even on the warmest days:


1. The slipper Eloise


This is probably one of the most stylish pairs of slingback sneakers ever. It'll definitely catch your coworkers' eyes (in a good way) at the office. Give your feet some rest from those hard sandals and slip into this baby.


2. The slipper Hila



A pair of sneakers that you can easily call mules. You can wear them sans socks if you want to give your feet some breathing room.


3. Pistacchio hue



The coloring of this shoe reminds us of our favorite summer things: iced matcha lattes, grass, limes for my mezcal, etc. The leather sneaker is a great spring to summer shoe simply because of the color and velcro straps made for easy wearing.


4. Platform kicks



Fluor detail platform kicks that were made for the 'gram.


5. Summer ready



A classic kick but in a summer-ready bold color that will add that much-needed pop of color to any white outfit.


Always making sure your steps are even more special,


The Freakloset Team