No one knows what shoes to wear to work. Freakloset has the answer.

Life has been casualizing since the 1990s and nowhere is that clearer than in offices. The trend has left both designers and shoppers confused about what people should be wearing for jobs that were very different (or entirely nonexistent) before the advent of the cell phone.

Not only have offices gone more casual, but work itself has changed. More men and women than ever before are living full professional lives, and they need shoes that do much more than just look appropriately conservative. Wearing commuter shoes and then change them for office shoes is sort of a silly non-modern way of thinking. Today you expect your wardrobe to evolve so it can float in and out of those activities more fluidly. A certain portion of the population doesn’t have an opportunity to go home and change into a dinner outfit after work either.


Freakloset is here to help you. A pair of shoes that are comfy, stylish and appropriate for any occasion during your day and won’t give you blisters are essential. See our three suggestions down below:


1. The Classic Sneaker + minimal sole

Our minimal sole, due to its less sporty outlook, is not only appropriate for off-duty outfit combos but fabulous for casual work situations as well. The classic sneakers in white will always provide you with a great level of comfort and business attire.


2. The Chelsea Boots

You never knew Chelsea boots could become your office go-to’s until Freakloset came into the picture! They look great with jeans or a cute dress if you have a more casual office dress code. Would also recommend wearing them out to the bar - the soft leather makes them spill-proof and the black will hide scuffs and dirt.


3. The Monk 

Our monks are great because they stretch a bit to mold to your foot’s shape. PLUS, they are not the usual Plain Jane due to the velcro fastening. Not quite in style and never quite out of style either - a classic. The heel is short enough to walk in comfortably to the office or home, go to dinner, or do errands.



Always making sure your steps are even more special,

The Freakloset Team