Today we’re sharing 5 combos our editor was loving this week in hopes that they will inspire you through the weekend! Don’t forget that we’re having a heatwave cash-back campaign and the temperature is as high as 30 degrees - which means 30 euros cash-back to use in your next shopping trip! Last chance to shop with our cash-back campaign, don’t let it slip through your fingers. You are so welcome!



Sick of millennial pink? Well, if you’re not partial to sky blue consider making lavender — aka ‘violet’ — your new statement shade. In addition to being all over the runways, the understated-yet-regal hue recently got the Rihanna seal of approval. Whether you prefer your lavender light and airy or deep, with more prominent purple tones, it’s an easy-to-pull-off neutral that still reads edgy, especially when done in fun materials like our neoprene.



After much debate around its official name, we've landed on ‘pistacchio’ as this season's key colour to experiment with. It's already finding its footing on social media with hashtag green aesthetic trending on Pinterest and lots of green outfit inspiration popping up on Instagram. As for neon green, you already know the drill: reflective of both the 1980s comeback and a growing interest in cyberpunk, this captivating shade made its way onto the streets, offering IRL inspiration for what can seem like a hard palette to tackle.



There is a certain relaxed elegance associated with soft colours like oatmeal, biscuit, blush and off-white. In basic terms, we're looking at a spectrum of beige, but in fashion terms, that's one of the chicest things anyone can wear. Our cappuccino shade looks grown-up, sophisticated and expensive.



Want to go dark but not black? You might want to consider our Oceania leather. Oceania is a timeless dark shade of blue that works well with just about any colour. Dark blue is so versatile that it can be used both as a neutral or as an accent. It is the perfect substitute for black as it makes a dazzling base colour that breathes elegance and class. At the same time, it can be used as an accent to add intensity and style. Not many hues can pull this off, right? While many dark colours can feel gloomy, Oceania is a stable colour that will spice up any outfit with its appealing and mysterious feel. As a reminiscent of the ocean, it is also a very relaxing colour, making this another the reason why dark blue is such a favourite amongst many.



Blend layers of grey, and you’ll be surprised by its depth and diversity. The colour grey is one of the trendiest hues to wear this year. Not only because it is neutral and ideally matches your everyday and special occasion clothes, but it is a great alternative to black as well. There are so many different ways to style grey and the options are endless due to the nature of the colour’s versatility.


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