How many shades of blue can you fit in your shoe closet? Now is the time to find out. 

Dark blue was one of the most popular colours we saw on the catwalk. For some time, this shade hasn’t been a strong trend in fall collections, but now it’s cooler than ever! The elegance of its dark tones will be the chic detail of your total blue looks.

Electric blue was definitely a trending tone of fall-winter collections. This pop shade has always been confined only to the sportswear collections, but next season is going to give a strong vibe to posh outfits.

As another autumn/winter season kicks off, the trend spotting for the new season begins, and if New York Fashion Week is anything to go by, we will be wearing plenty of blue come December. Bold and bright blue seems to have crept its way into more than a few collections, suggesting that it might just be the colour of the new season.

When we’re spiralling down a black hole of adulthood-flavoured stress, we don’t meditate or count our breaths. We simply visualise our calming-yet-cheerful, pastel-yet-poppy shade of arctic blue. Two of the outfits Christina Aguilera wears in the “Come on Over” music video were baby blue. So was the crop top Britney Spears wore at the 1999 edition of Zootopia. The majority of Baby Spice’s dresses were that colour, as were AJ McLean’s glasses. Baby blue figured prominently in Destiny’s Child’s European “No, No, No” single cover and was the best part of their blue camo moment.

And now it’s back. Blue remains adolescent, airy, and carefree.

See below, our suggestions using every blue shade we have in our customisation software. From oceania, arctic blue and indigo blue to light blue, bright blue and dark blue. That's a lot of blue for you to play with!


1. Ankle boot

2. Classic sneaker

3. Double velcro sneaker

Always making sure your steps are even more special, 

The Freakloset Team