Fashion month can be linked to a crystal ball. It gives us a glimpse into our (wardrobe-related) futures by showcasing what we’re going to be wearing in six months' time. And it was evident on the latest runways that the industry's obsession with resurrecting '80s trends is showing no signs of slowing down. Fall 2019’s top trends are quite an eclectic mix. The runways had a little something in store for every style this season: the sophisticated working woman, the bold risk-taker, and even those who’d prefer to stick to the classics. Over the course of four weeks, we saw everything from cycling shorts to shoulder pads so big, it looked as if the models were about to take off. However, there was another blindingly bright trend that was hard to miss: neon. Fluorescent shades already hit the fashion scene last year, hitting micro-trend status largely thanks to the Kardashians. But, those of us who thought the in-your-face look was nothing more than a passing Instagram trend are about to be proven wrong.

Considering 2018 was largely dominated by minimal silhouettes and a neutral colour palette, it's only natural that an opposing look would make itself known. Fashion editors like the idea in theory, but many know the reality of wearing highlighter shades isn't as easy as it looks on the runways. So, when it comes to controversial trends, neon's at the top of the list. But despite its infamous past, we've recently been seeing the reflective colour scheme in a new, gentler light. Among other kitschy trends, from beaded bags to cowrie shell jewellery, neon has found a way to shed its tacky history and take on a more sophisticated approach. And since we now have green light to tackle our spring wardrobes, we're keen to get this reinvented colour-way off our warm-weather inspo boards and into our closets.

Instagram's most courageous dressers are already showcasing the neon trend on their feeds, persuading us outfit-by-outfit that perhaps it's a contender for our own closets as well.

First came millennial pink, then there was Gen-Z yellow and melodramatic purple, and now there's neon green. Or, perhaps for the sake of a catchier name, look-at-me green? Just throwing that title out there, because when you enter a room with this highlighter hue literally NO ONE will miss you walking by. Wearing the shade—which can range from a super-bright green to a yellow-green or more of a deep chartreuse—signals a certain kind of confidence, and everything else looks kinda bland next to it. The vivid hue is just as loud as a bold print without seeming too busy, and it really takes the phrase "glow up" seriously. Plus, there's no better way to get through the depressing, dull winter months than by wearing something super eye-catching and bright. While it might seem hard to pull off, it's actually not as intimidating as you'd think.

Neon clothing will always turn heads, but there are more subtle, grown-up ways to style it out—from blending with muted tones to opting for simple accessories or details.

If you're looking for a beginner's guide on how to style bright hues, start with a casual streetwear aesthetic. The catwalks were full of ensembles that either had subtle pops of neon or were beaming head-to-toe creations. Our neon green counter works as a subtle pop of neon.

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