Pink Sales, White Sales, Last Call Sales, Clearance Sales, Final Sales… call them whatever warms your soul. Giant reductions and the way they’re presented in stores and online tap into some primal psychological impulses and that is why it’s important to tackle how to do smart sale shopping. Overwhelmed by our Final Sale section? Fear not! Today we’re giving you three tips to help you make better decisions about what to buy or leave behind on sale.


1. Buy whatever warms your heart and you’ve been coveting for a while. Our sale sells out quickly because the sizes available are limited. It’s really disheartening when you can see merchandise selling out before your eyes and can’t see who else might be considering your prize. In stores you can at least physically hold the item while you consider it’s true value. The solution is to make a list of coveted items.


2. Getting a coveted item is blissful. Getting a discount is also blissful. Getting both at the same time is harder but that’s why Freakloset exists.  Don’t forget you'll get more value (or cost per wear) out of a decent pair of shoes that actually fit you and will last you longer rather than doing the "fast food approach" to new shoes every now and then. Concentrate on staples that need replacing as well as classic pieces that won’t date and quality materials that will stand the test of time.


3. It happens to the best of us. You see a pair of shoes in the store and it's tempting. Before you make that impulse buy, consider whether those shoes would work as part of as many outfits as you can possibly remember existing in your wardrobe. 


Approaching sale shopping in a smart way means that you’ll get the most out of your money and literally walk away with a great pair of shoes. By doing this you avoid any post-purchase feelings of regret. It all begins with preparation – you need to know your current wardrobe inside out and think about the timeless investment shoes that you’ll be able to wear in lots of different ways. Remember to choose quality over quantity!

Meanwhile, we asked the experts in our team which Freaks you really can’t miss out on. Trust us, the sale never looked this good! Take a look down below:



1. Nia sneakers 88,40€ , sizes 36,37,38

2. Scott Derbys 79€ , size 38

3. Cara slippers 99€ , size 38 

4. Emilie ankle boots 104€ , size 38 and 41

5. Kate sneakers 104€ , size 39

6. Ina sneakers 99€ , sizes 37 and 41


1. Mitch sneakers 102€ , size 40

2. Micha sneakers 104€ , size 41

3. Diego ankle boots 104€ , size 41 42 and 43

4. Ted sneakers 104€ , size 42 and 45

5. Babak monks 79€ , size 42

6. Micky sneakers 88,40€ , size 45

Always making sure your steps are even more special,

The Freakloset Team