Born from the will to approach design and art, as from the will to create its first collaboration, Freakloset invited designer, illustrator and Portuguese artist Wasted Rita to customise a model of her choice from the brand's collection.



Wasted Rita chose the derby shoe due to its minimal and different style, that through the way it's built and due to its own design, renews what is understood as a classic. Since this is a collaboration that from its beginning has social on its ethos, the artist chose Portuguese NGO UMAR (União de Mulheres, Alternativa e Resposta) that fights for women's rights as the charity to receive the profits created through this collaboration.

The Art'themis+ project was the main factor for Wasted Rita's choice, a UMAR project that intervenes on cultural and social foundations of gender violence by deconstructing these with youngsters, promoting the defence of essential human rights, like women's rights and gender equality, themes familiar to Wasted Rita's body of work. 



To achieve the final piece, several tests were conducted in order to assure the technical and aesthetical quality of the derby shoe of this collaboration. To materialize this, different printing processes were investigated (like digital printing and serigraphy), that could assure the artists' illustrations quality, as different colour and textile combinations were tested to guarantee that the derby shoe was aligned with Wasted Rita's aesthetics and creativity. White, red and black leather were the tested colours, printed with red and white illustrations. 

With exclusive and unique illustrations created for this collaboration, Wasted Rita also conceptualized the sole to be included in the derby shoe, developing a disruptive patterned sole that resembles a flame effect through the mixture of red and yellow, a proprietary Freakloset sole.  



Accompanied with an authenticity certificate and a packaging customised by the artist, its Freakloset's and the artists' goal that one who owns one of the 50 pairs of this collaboration gets to feel and immerse in the work of the artist who reflects and coats the daily with its own unique style (who we are used to by now): mordant, honest and, most of all, real. 


"The Derby" is the result of eight months of tests and co-creation between Freakloset and Portuguese artist Wasted Rita, with 100% of the profits reverting to Portuguese NGO UMAR. 


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