From love to frustration, passing through intimacy, internet and feminism… It’s the characteristic trace of Wasted Rita that singularly brands the minimal design of the Freakloset’s derby, with illustrations exclusively conceived for this collaboration and that allude to the themes frequently worked by the artist. 


The derby, an iconic model in the history of footwear and chosen by the artist, ironizes the relation between the subject and the classic, through its biting and provocative style.


The Portuguese artist with an extensive portfolio and published work around the globe have both hosted and been featured in different exhibitions, one of the most mediatic being her participation in Banksy’s Dismaland. Also, in 2015, the artist was considered by the Portuguese newsmagazine Público one of the Portuguese personalities whose 2015 had been the best year.

Wasted Rita’s work is born out of a deep and humble reflection process that starts by observing and that through different stages culminates in writing and illustrating, creating a virtuous cycle of thoughtfulness creation, work that is considered a statement by many, not only by what is transmitted but also through the way her thoughts are presented and styled. 

The Freakloset x Wasted Rita collaboration enhances the will to bridge the design and art world, resulting out of this symbiosis a limited edition of 50 made-to-order pairs, all numbered and accompanied by an authenticity certificate. The derby is available with a black sole or a conceptualized flame effect sole, exclusively developed for the collaboration.


All partnership profits revert to União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta (UMAR, Women’s Union of Alternative and Answer), a Portuguese NGO committed to the awakening of society regarding women rights, with work aligned with an agenda of “new and old causes” like the right to contraception and abortion, the fight against domestic violence and women’s access to political organs of decision.


The honest remarks and reflections of Wasted Rita upon the mundane, raised to a poetic state, arise expressed in a different medium from what we are used to, giving room for the materialization of a “Wasted Shoe” – a wearable piece of art, created by the artist that “many wish but few achieve”.







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