September is considered by some to be a new beginning. We are given one last chance to set new goals, write down what needs to be improved or changed and hope that we can make the most of the year in its last 4 months. It might sound lame to some, but it really feels like the universe is giving us the opportunity to start again fresh.

Going back to the city and leaving behind those endless summer nights by the beach is not something anyone would call an easy task and trust us, we are well aware of that. Which is why a great pair of shoes might help - giving you a much needed boost of confidence to walk into the office on Monday instead of painfully dragging yourself inside like your life depended on the sun, sand and salt.

But what is exactly considered a great pair of office shoes? It has to be comfortable enough for long commutes and versatile enough to allow you to feel effortlessly sophisticated no matter what your schedule holds. Last but not least, good design is important because it elevates just about any outfit. Good hair and good shoes are the recipe for success, they say. You’ll have to take care of the hair part yourself but fortunately, Freakloset has your back on the rest.


Down below, 3 back to office shoes that will get you not only off and running but many complements as well:


 1. Derby

 2. Loafer

 3. Monk

Always making sure your steps are even more special, 


The Freakloset Team