Marble, the veiny stone renowned for solidity, classicism and hints of ancient Roman architecture. Intricately rendered in a number of ways to suit the design world, the alluring motif is back featuring an array of exciting colour palettes and an aura of chic. With some of the world’s most notable structures such as the Pantheon in Rome to more contemporary buildings such as London’s Marble Arch all adopting the lavish pattern, the stone has became a global symbol of refined taste and sophistication.


In the fashion industry, graphic prints are all the rage this season but one print that seems to be in almost every window display is marble. From Balenciaga to Philip Lim, the marble graphic is a hit this summer. It's trumping the predictable florals, contrasting stripes, and other highly saturated tones that generally dominate summertime fashion, in favor of a more subdued style.


This trend is bold and eye-catching yet it still looks sharp and sophisticated. The marble print is indeed the best way to make a bold statement without stepping out of your comfort zone. It's the subtle person’s answer to statement prints, and we're understandably obsessed.


Keep the outfit simple with neutrals or if you’re feeling adventurous, try clashing prints.


Will you be rocking marble this summer? We hope yes, down to the sole!


Freakloset has got you covered, of course. Below, our suggestions for you to rock this trend in the best way possible:

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