Raise your hand if you’re tired of wearing the same color mix every day. Ain’t nobody got patience for the muted tones anymore, right? We feel you! Why not try one of these unexpected color combinations? Maybe you’ll fall head over heels for a totally surprising new duo!




Combo 1. There’s a reason bowls of pastel Easter candies always look so enticing (and it’s not just their chocolate filling). Shop this combo here.




Combo 2. Who knew such a classic spring hue could look so divine next to this rich winter shade? Try letting artic blue be the star of the outfit with burgundy accents for the warmer months, then swap the formula once temperatures start to drop. Shop this combo here.




Combo 3. Baby pink only gets better when paired with an equally vibrant shade, like this bold mint (which by the way, it's the color of the month!). Color-blocking at its best! Shop this combo here.



Combo 4. Yellow will give cloudy grey a much-needed pop and more edgy vibe. Shop this combo here.