Why our shoes?

Freakloset is a whole new take on the classic shoe.

We introduce a breath of fresh air into the classics. A contemporary twist on timeless silhouettes. Our original designs are modern and innovative, improving on some of the shoe models that endured through seasons and fads.

A shoe for everyone. And everything.

Featuring graceful and multifaceted designs, our unisex silhouettes ensure maximum comfort and style in every situation.

Comprehensive designs. Singular creations.

We provide the canvas with our beautiful designs, and you fill them with your own brush strokes. Through our simple and perfected user experience, you’ll be able to devise hundreds of colorful combinations with our personalization options.

Expertly made. Exquisitely refined.

Good design and ideas are nothing without great execution. Our models are thoroughly crafted in Portugal with the excellence inherent to a facility with over 70 years of expertise in shoemaking. Handmade and delicately assembled, our shoes, manufactured with the best Italian leathers and fabrics, give a whole new meaning to the world ‘quality’.

Feel as good as you look.

Our shoes feature exciting new additions like fully cushioned tongues and neoprene counters, flawlessly fitting and hugging the foot providing unparalleled comfort for an experience that is as elegant and charismatic as it is remarkable.